• Jul 25

    Celebrate summer with craft chocolate ice cream!

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Cooking & Baking, History & Culture, The World of Chocolate

    Let’s start with a question with a surprising answer (unless you’ve guessed from the above picture!): Which was the first item, after drinking chocolate, that chocolate was used as a base ingredient and ‘cooked’ with? Chocolate Ice Cream? Chocolate Mousse? Chocolate Digestive biscuits? Chocolate Brownies? Chocolate Cakes? The answer is chocolate ice cream; we’ve a […]

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  • Jul 20

    What is Craft Chocolate?

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  What is Craft Chocolate?

    We believe strongly that craft chocolate is the future of the chocolate industry. It tastes better, it’s better for you, and it’s better for the planet. That’s because craft chocolate makers are concerned with ethical trading practices, sustainable agriculture, and great-tasting chocolate. They’re all about the amazing variety and depths of flavour to be found […]

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  • Jul 18

    Is chocolate addictive?

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Health & Eating

    Chocolate is NOT addictive. Unlike the likes of caffeine, alcohol and other drugs, theobromine (the primary stimulant in chocolate) doesn’t meet any of the standard definitions for addiction. But various ingredients can be added to your chocolate bar that ARE highly addictive. Top of the list of these additives is sugar, especially if combined with […]

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  • Jul 12

    How to Store Chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  What is Craft Chocolate?

    At Cocoa Runners, we’re big fans of savouring chocolate. It’s one of the best things about Craft Chocolate: it’s designed to be savoured a few small pieces at a time. This means we often have half a dozen bars on the go at any one time, enjoying them in turns depending on our mood, the […]

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  • Jul 11
    map of camerron

    La Reine Astrid and Cameroonian Chocolate

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Environment, Geography, History & Culture, The World of Chocolate

    One of the wonderful benefits of working in craft chocolate is the serendipitous insights it offers into geography, history, food science and much more. And this week as part of introducing a new French craft chocolate maker, La Reine Astrid, I’ve started to scratch the surface of the complicated, painful and difficult history of Cameroon […]

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  • Jul 04

    Salve and Guten Tag to KARUNA

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Geography

    Here is a quick quiz to introduce this week’s post: Which is the wealthiest province in Italy? In which Italian province do the majority of the population speak German as their first language? To which Italian province did the real-life von Trapp family (made famous in the Sound of Music) flee? In which Italian province is Karuna, […]

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  • Jun 27

    Is this a PEPPER or a CHILLI?

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Taste & Flavour

    (the answer is neither: it’s a pink pepper) To any of you who have ever wondered: How did we come to MIX peppers, chilli peppers and peppermint with chocolate (and why these combinations can be such fun)? Why are the names of peppers, chilli peppers and peppermint so easy to MIX UP in almost every language (except Nahuatl)? … this […]

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  • Jun 20

    Paris 1, London 0. Merci PLAQ!

    By Nick Saxby  ·  History & Culture

    Paris 1 – London 0 No, this is not a forecast for the Euros. Nor is it a reminder of the UK’s Eurovision song contest result. It’s a (belated) celebration of a wonderful new Paris based craft chocolate maker: PLAQ, created by Sandra and Nicolas. Not only are Sandra and Nicolas great craft chocolate makers. […]

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  • Jun 12

    Introducing Craft Chocolate Truffles!

    By Nick Saxby  ·  History & Culture

    For something so famous and ubiquitous, the story of chocolate truffles is infuriatingly vague. Their inventor, history, naming and even definition are obscure and complex. They are nonetheless amazing when properly crafted. And we are delighted to, finally, have some craft chocolate truffles from David Crichton of The Careless Collection, and Mike Longman of Chocolarder, […]

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  • Jun 06

    These are Not ultra-processed!

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Science

    Last week’s post on a drink made out of cocoa pulp led to some GREAT reader questions (and, sorry, more demand for the wonderful Pacha de Cacao than we’d predicted, so we are out of stock! But we hope to have it back in stock early next week, and will be selling it in packs […]

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